Test Automation at Enterprise Scale

Agile Methods brought a (renewed) focus on testing and test automation to software development. And with it came a whole range of testing tools and technologies: continuous integration systems, mocking libraries, dependency injection frameworks... Almost all of these tools are focused on single teams or a group of teams. There are very few (if any) tools out there that work on an enterprise scale. Most larger development organizations either use these tools as islands in individual departments and/or try to scale them to their limits to reach as many as possible teams. But the requirements and opportunities of a test automation infrastructure in large organizations are not just solved by scaling up the existing systems.
Over the last years, Google completely redeveloped its testing infrastructure. By using Google's cloud infrastructure, we developed systems that makes testing fast and almost transparent. Developers are able to verify their changes across Google's entire code base before submitting their changes. Furthermore, by automatically storing test results and other code metrics, we give developers more insight into their code and tests.
Speaker: Mark Striebeck