The Limited Red Society

You've heard about limiting WIP (Work-In-Progress) but how good are you at limiting red time? Red time is when you have compilation errors and/or failing tests. A growing group of practitioners have learned how to effectively reduce red time while test-driving and refactoring code. To understand how to limit red time, it helps to visualize it. In this talk, I will analyze live programming sessions using graphs that clearly visualize red time. You'll learn what programming processes help or hurt our ability to limit red time and you'll gain an appreciation for the visual cues that can help make you a better programmer and fellow member of the Limited Red Society.

Joshua Kerievsky leads Industrial Logic, a fourteen-year-old company that guides organizations in successful agile transitions. He has more than twenty years of experience in the software field, is an expert and early pioneer in agile management and Extreme Programming, and is a prolific author of eLearning albums that help companies around the world "scale agility faster." Joshua┬┤s 2004 bestselling book, Refactoring to Patterns, won a Jolt Cola award. His pioneering work in agile processes has helped popularize readiness assessments, storytest-driven development, and agile chartering.