The Five Habits of Successful Lean Development

Lean principles have been around for quite a while now, long enough for companies to try them out and see how well they work. So what does success look like? It turns out that in successful lean development organizations, people routinely dedicate their intelligence and creativity to helping the company become and remain successful. Because of this, the companies themselves are adaptive - they respond to changing market conditions and opportunities faster than their competitors. This talk will be about what these successful lean companies do to energize their workplace.

Mary Poppendieck has been in the Information Technology industry for thirty years. She has managed solutions in software development, supply chain management, manufacturing operations, and new product development.
She spearheaded the implementation of a Just-in-Time system in a video tape manufacturing plant, resulting in dramatic improvements in the plant's performance.
Mary?s team leadership skills were honed in 3M, where new product development is a core competency. Her teams commercialized products with embedded software three times faster than normal, partnering with small suppliers in the process.
A popular writer and speaker, Mary?s classes apply lean principles to Software Development problems and offer a fresh perspective on software development processes. Her book Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit was awarded the Software Development Productivity Award in 2004. Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash, was published in 2006, and Leading Lean Software Development was published in November, 2009.